I have always felt like shooting photos is 75 per cent luck and 25 per cent skill. Though the amount of skill necessary is much more than 25 per cent, I feel very fortunate that I was able to get the following three shots. Since I deal primarily with sports as the sports editor of MacEwan University’s campus newspaper in Edmonton, most of the shots I have taken are sports.

The importance of being able to work a camera is key in this field, and the shots below demonstrate my ability to shoot in fluorescent, daylight and at night. The photos go from most recent to oldest, which showcases exactly how far I have come in terms of excitement of the shot and in editing software, as well. Though the photos are not doctored, they are colour-adjusted, and my vast improvements can be seen by comparing the first photo with the other two.
redbullcrashedice1IMG_0814 20140927-Parenteau

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