The NHL’s 30 burning questions: via Google PART 1

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I’ve decided to answer thirty questions as generated by the search function on Google, one about each NHL team. Whichever question is searched the most, I will address.

NOTE: Any that repeated I omitted, and found a different one, to keep it fresh.

1. Anaheim Ducks –  “Why did the Anaheim Ducks change their name?”

Well, the franchise was initially known as the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. You know the movieThe Mighty Ducks? The team was founded by the Walt Disney company, and they named it after that movie. However, after the team was sold to someone else, they decided to drop the “mighty” and be more mature (I guess.) So, now we have the Anaheim Ducks. They don’t need the name to show that they’re mighty, though.

2. Boston Bruins – “Why did the Boston Bruins trade Tyler Seguin?”

Short answer – He didn’t fit.

Long answer – The team is in its prime right now. They are abnormally good down the middle, with the likes of Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci. This would mean that Seguin would be either centring the third line, or playing wing up above. It didn’t work out. Plus, his alleged excessive partying didn’t sit with the Bruins very well. The trade worked out for both teams, as the Dallas Stars received a number one centre to develop around captain Jamie Benn. In return, Boston received Loui Eriksson, whose age fits along with the other members of the team better than Seguin’s. Not to mention forward Reilly Smith, who has panned out rather well for the Bruins.

There were a couple other prospects (and a certain Rich Peverley) involved, but they aren’t really making much of an impact.. yet.

3. Buffalo Sabres – “Are the Buffalo Sabres good?”


4. Calgary Flames – “Why did the Atlanta Flames move to Calgary?”

Well, former Edmonton Oilers owner Nelson Skalbania really wanted to move the team to Calgary. And, being that Atlanta is not very good at keeping NHL franchises afloat (see: Winnipeg,) the team was sold to Skalbania, who moved it to Calgary. Just a year later, Skalbania sold his interest, and the team has been owned locally ever since.

5. Carolina Hurricanes – “Are the Carolina Hurricanes from North Carolina?”

Well, you see, avid Google users, the Carolina Hurricanes are from Carolina. So, sort of. They play in North Carolina, as they call the beautiful city of Raleigh home.

6. Chicago Blackhawks – “Why do the Chicago Blackhawks play “Chelsea Dagger?”

This song, by the Fratellis, has become a staple in Chicago. They play it after every goal. It became a hit with the fans during the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs, and they’ve stuck with it since. They had initially implemented it to attract younger fans. Two Stanley Cups later, they aren’t changing it any time soon.

7. Colorado Avalanche – “Why do the Colorado Avalanche have a foot?”

I know, this question sounds stupid, and it kind of is if you don’t know the context. This should put you up to speed. The Avalanche used to have a Yeti mascot, hence the foot. Also, they used to print it on their jerseys.

Once upon a time, in 2005, they had a player on their team named Adam Foote. There’s conspiracy that the foot on the jersey is supposed to represent him. Notice the foot on the shoulder of Foote in the above footo, about a foot away from the other foot on his arm. It really makes you think.

8. Columbus Blue Jackets – “Why are the Columbus Blue Jackets so bad?”

Well, the good news is that they’re not anymore. They’re actually holding onto a playoff spot as I write this. Their prospects are starting to blossom (cough Ryan Johansen cough).

Unfortunately, they have been stuck with a negative stigma for a while now, and I don’t think it’s going away any time soon. Which is strange, because the Oilers have been bad for just about as long and yet I don’t think they’ll have a negative stigma attached to them when/if they start winning.

9. Dallas Stars – “How do the Dallas Stars travel?”

This one’s easy. Simply take a look at the name. They simply drive through one of these and appear at their opponent’s stadium, unscathed, whilst knocking a few vehicles off of the edge in the process.

Or, by plane. Like normal teams.

10. Detroit Red Wings – “Why do the Detroit Red Wings throw an octopus onto the ice?”

A great question. This was actually inspired in the 1950s, when an octopus was chucked onto the ice. Its eight legs were meant to symbolize how many wins were necessary to win the Stanley Cup that year. They went on to sweep those two teams, on route to winning the championship. Ever since then, it’s been such a tradition that there is now a certain technique for octopus-throwing.

11. Edmonton Oilers – “How are the Edmonton Oilers doing?”

If you asked them, they’d probably say, “not bad, you?”

But, if you asked anyone else, we’d say they are bad. They are a step from the basement. It seems like the basement is a hard place for the Oilers to crawl out of. There’s always next year, I guess, but we’ve heard all that before (and you’ve probably heard all of this other stuff before, too).

They do (obviously) have some of the best fans in the world though.

12. Florida Panthers – “Why do the Florida Panthers play in Sunrise?”

This one was the first one I actually didn’t know prior. Turns out that the owner, Sunrise Sports and Entertainment, seem to be a pretty big fan of Sunrise, Florida.

But, the team is losing money, and fast. I know they really want hockey to be successful down there (and it has to some degree, see: Tampa Bay Lightning) but maybe it’s just not meant to be for the Panthers.

13. Los Angeles Kings – “Why Los Angeles Kings?”


(I’m not sure how to answer this one.)

Maybe the better question is, why NOT Los Angeles Kings? Once again, they’re real contenders for the cup this year.

14. Minnesota Wild –  “What are the Minnesota Wild colors?”

Google couldn’t have put it more perfectly.



15. Montreal Canadiens – “What are the Montreal Canadiens playing?”

…That would be hockey. Sometimes poker, and the occasional backgammon game.

Though, it would be interesting to see them play a different sport. But, we’ll save that for another week.

Until next time!

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