7 December

Big Pharma’s Ultimatum How pharmaceutical companies increase prices on orphan drugs, and what we can do to stop it   In 1962, the average Canadian could expect to live to 71.37 years old, according to Statistics Canada. Over 50 years later, average life expectancy in Canada has increased almost 10 years, to 81.4 years, according […]

7 February

The NHL’s 30 burning questions: via Google PART 2

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Here’s the other 15 of the most burning questions on the minds of NHL fans, via Google. 16. Nashville Predators – “Are the Nashville Predators moving?” The short answer – no. The long answer – I believe there was one point in time that they were rumoured to be moving to Hamilton, Ontario. You know, […]

5 February

The NHL’s 30 burning questions: via Google PART 1

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I’ve decided to answer thirty questions as generated by the search function on Google, one about each NHL team. Whichever question is searched the most, I will address. NOTE: Any that repeated I omitted, and found a different one, to keep it fresh. 1. Anaheim Ducks –  “Why did the Anaheim Ducks change their name?” Well, […]

25 December

Rock ’em and Sock ’em: A story about Grapes

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It’s Christmas day. 10-year-old me is feeling pretty confident the gift I bought for my father is going to be something he enjoys. Underneath the artificial Christmas tree decorated with homemade ornaments lies Don Cherry’s Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em 16, wrapped nicely with assistance from my mother. Like all families, we had a tradition. The tradition was […]